Empowering you from the Start

Empowering you from the Start

What do we Offer?

  • Secure angel funding for development and growth of your business
  • A friendly and helpful process to engage with business angels
  • Achieve funding from the pre-seed stage through to Series A
  • Attract investment from a diverse group of angels and corporate investors through a single negation process
  • Connect with knowledgeable and experienced investors with the ability to help take your business forward
  • Find local investors with sector-based expertise
  • The opportunity to organise syndication opportunities between sister networks and co-investment funds in order to reach that fundraising goal
  • Access corporate services via our sponsors and business support networks
  • The opportunity to receive constructive feedback from the Anglia Capital Group team regarding your business plan and investment model
  • Introductions to follow-on investment funds and groups
  • Raise your profile in the local market with Anglia Capital Group and its influential members
  • A single point of contact with Anglia Capital Group management for post-investment monitoring

What do we look for in an investment opportunity?

Send us an executive summary of your business and we would be happy to give you some feedback.

As a general guide, ideally we would like to see the following:

  • An innovative, exciting and potentially disruptive product
  • A capable management team
  • A well-considered business model and route to market
  • SEIS/ EIS eligible investment
  • A fair and justifiable company valuation
  • A well-considered exit strategy

If you have an innovative business and would like to apply for Angel Investment: